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Mr. Mandar Taware

[Founder,President Of OBC Category Kalyan Taluka.]

Hello friends ,

It’s time to do something for our caste. Whenever someone ask us about our caste, we proudly say that we belong to Other Backward Class (OBC). Yes we all are proud to be OBC .but what about the development of the people’s belonging to our caste? We are half the population of the country i.e 52% , but then also we are not getting succeed in the upliftment of our caste. For that we blame the system, the government, the judicial body of our country. We also blame politician, administration, social organisation. Yes we are right on ourside, every individual will do the same for their justice. Even I would do the same but beyond that I want to do something extra, something more for the progress, development ,upliftment of the people’s belonging to our caste OBC.

This website is designed for the welfare of Other Backward Classes (OBC) Kalyan Taluka. I want to work for all OBC people’s of our district, our state, our nation. But every moment becomes huge only from a small start. So I decided to start working with KalyanTaluka and after that move further step by step. So I named this website “OBC KALYAN”.

I thought a lot about it, many different ideas came in my mind some of them were very nice but I wanted the best, uncommon, efficient and extraordinary. And one day after many research, many opinion I got an exact platform which I wanted for the upliftment of our caste. Taking into consideration today’s generationit’s only possible to reach and unite many people’sby the only means of social media. Keeping this ideology I curved my ideas into this portal.

The agenda of forming OBC KALYAN website is to provide a business platform for our caste. For example, Suppose one obc person is having a furniture business and one of the obc buyer want to buy some furniture, he just have to visit our site and search for a furniture vendor. The purchaser will get the furniture at best price and the seller will also get expected price. By this means the income will be earned by the person belonging to our caste.

The main motto behind this idea is to keep the business rolling within our caste instead of giving chance to other upper class people to earn income from us. This will give a direct market to all the business persons performing various types of businesses. And even the buyer of our caste will get his required things in lower price then any other outsider vendors. Because we are going to request the obc vendor who will be the part of our website to sell at best price for our obc buyers.

Remember one thing, we are half the population i.e 52% of the total population and that is our biggest strength. So we are going to get a maximum profit if we come together and this is going to help for the development of our caste.

Also with all this, OBC KALYAN will provide other related links of obc. This site will also highlight a job opportunities of government sectors and private sectors. It will also help out regarding all the issuses of the caste certificates.

So in short this site will play a moral role insolving all social, economical and cultural issuses of our caste. We have started with good faith and true belief and we are going to work whole heartedly on it. Any feedback or suggesation from your side will be most welcomed.

Thank You.

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